Emmy Dress- Mauve
Emmy Dress- Mauve
Emmy Dress- Mauve
Emmy Dress- Mauve

Emmy Dress- Mauve

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This dress is one sized to work with: Size 2-16 - Mauve, and tightens at the waist for a perfect fit.

Height is: 5'8 but can work with other lengths due to the side openings being shorter- Check our Instagram for more photos of this dress in use. 

Works for: Maternity and not

Has a high slit in the dress that could show off the maternity belly or a side leg

Slip is not needed or included.


Rental Dates Details: 

 Please ensure you've checked the calendar and watched for any delays due to Sundays and holidays. I recommend giving 2 business days cushion between arrival date and the date of your shoot when possible in case of shipping delays. If it is late because of USPS,  and you did not allow these two days for mail delay, you may miss your session date and no refund will be given.

-Double check that you enter the right shipping address! And email address.


-------------Important Information- Please Read---------------

-Always tag us when sharing:  Instagram.com/flutterdress (@flutterdress)

- Although we do our best to keep our dresses in mint shape, please accept that these are used dresses and may not be in perfect condition before placing your rental order.

-Shipping includes a label back. We use USPS and UPS- please check which one is on the return label and drop it off at the CORRECT office. Delays from not dropping it off at the right location will be charged as late fees, so please pay attention to what the label says, and ask when you are not sure. 

- If you are late with return shipping, we will be billing you for the extra time and you may no longer be eligible for future rentals. It's unfair to everyone else and really can mess up the schedule. Being done early is totally fine. 

-You are required to clean the dress and slip unless stated above. Here is how to clean the dress in general:

  • Hand wash option:  Filling a tub with slightly warm water and some detergent (for really bad stains, spot soak in oxy clean) and hand washing usually makes it super easy.
  • Washer Option: Unless stated otherwise in the top of this listing, you can wash on gentle cycle and use the low heat setting on the dryer or air dry. In this case, tie the waist tie to avoid it banging around and turn the dress inside out.
  • If the dress is returned without cleaning it first, you will be charged a cleaning fee. This can be from $40 to the full cost of the dress, if it is no longer cleanable. Things like Arizona red dust and mud should be cleaned right away to avoid staining- and actually anything left on the dress too long can stain it. The dress should never be shipped partially or fully damp as it will mold in the mail and be beyond repair. It must be FULLY dry before shipping.

- If the dress is damaged:  We understand things happen, and we will have to access the damage for any repair fees that may apply, up to the full cost of the dress if the damage is not repairable.  If it arrives to you with any noticeable stains or tears please send us photos (to flutterdressrentals@gmail.com) the first day you get it so that we are aware of when it was damaged.

- Rentals cannot be worn for events such as weddings, they are just for photoshoots or the photo-only portion of an elopement (ceremony and photos, not dinners or receptions). The wear is much greater for receptions and they don't bustle so they're not suitable as rentals for events. They are available for purchase as well, so check our main website if you'd like to buy one! flutterdressshop.com/buy