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Is one of your goals this year to spend more time shooting the things you love and use it to attract your ideal clients?  We get that! That’s why we have created a new VIP program just for you- to encourage you, with discounts, to plan beautifully styled shoot and make your portfolio look exactly like you want it to this year. Let's meet our 2023 goals together!

Introducing the Flutter Dress VIP program - A loyalty program that gives you big rental perks for a low monthly or yearly cost. 

ROYALTY (yearly)

This plan has the biggest savings of them all! 

We are offering 12 months of dresses (12 dresses total) for 10 photographers who have the goal of creating a more intentional portfolio this year to attract your ideal clients. 

What are the savings? 12 dress value including shipping $1620 Value PLUS MVP Program included at no cost $120 value

In total you are saving $740, or 57% every year

Limited availability only 10 people can buy this promotion


-A 5 day rental of one dress every month, you choose the dress and dates that work best for you. You can use these 12 dresses anytime in the year, it does not have to be one a month. You could shoot all 12 in the same month for example. 

-Rental period is 5 days

-You also get all the perks found in the MVP Program, such as free shipping and $10 off any additional rentals, see the chart for those great perks. 

VIP (Monthly) & MVP (Yearly)

Can’t do 12 dresses this year? Take a look at our other amazing VIP program perks, there's a tier for EVERYONE! Enjoy free shipping, early access to retired rentals, access to our traveling dresses and more!

No limit on these but the perks don't start until you enroll, so enroll today! 

More Questions ? Check our VIP FAQ or Contact Us



Chart text: 

What are the advantages of joining?

Please see the chart above-I also wrote it out below

-Early access to retired rentals and other sales

-Access to traveling dresses (while a member)

-Dedicated rentals for VIPs


-All the above as well as:

-$10 off Rentals (check your email for the discount code after signing up)

-$50 coupon to our Etsy store every year (This will be sent to you manually, may take a day or two)

- Free shipping on all rentals

-Any extra perks we add


-All the above as well as 

-12 INCLUDED rentals for the year to use whenever you'd like, have fun!