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Here are the most commonly asked questions about our VIP program 



What are the advantages of joining?

Please see our chart! This is PLUS anything else we decide to add for extra perks and fun!


-Early access to retired rentals and other sales

-Access to traveling dresses (while a member)

-Dedicated rentals for VIPs


-All the above as well as:

-$10 off Rentals (check your email for the discount code after signing up)

-$50 coupon to our Etsy store every year (This will be sent to you manually, may take a day or two) If you need it right away just email us.

- Free shipping on all rentals

-Any extra perks we add


-All the above as well as 

-12 INCLUDED rentals for the year to use whenever you'd like, have fun!


How do I access these fun perks?

Please log in to our site using your user name and password (create one if you are new) and you will gain access to the VIP Perks. You will automatically get an email with all the discount codes when you join VIP, keep it saved so you can reference it anytime. 

Can I pay one Month then Cancel?

If you are doing the month to month membership then yes that is fine! But you will loose any benefits (if you signed up for a traveling dress, but your date is after you are no longer a member, your order will be cancelled without refund since the dates were reserved)

What are Traveling Dresses? 

This year we have decided to add Traveling dresses to our rental site. This will be a few hand chosen dresses to circulate from renter to renter, FREE , just pay $20 plus shipping cost (unless you are a MVP or Royalty member, then it is free!).  Reserve your dates and have fun! We will change the dress each month. Dresses can be kept for the 5 days, and must be cleaned before being sent to the next renter. Any damage must be reported immediately to keep this list working properly. Not all dresses will be adult dresses, I expect to have some kid's one in the mix too!

Can you tell me about the early access? 

Early access varies from item to item, but you will get some time before the general public to decide if you'd like to take advantage of the sale before it's sold out! I do expect several limited items to sell before they reach the public on the VIP dedicated pages. These early access sales will be emailed to you, and posted on social media

Can I get my money back? 

No refunds or transfers of ownership or benefits are allowed. Those that cancel their month to month can sign back up, but will not get any benefits from any time before that new sign up date. Please know there is no notice to these big sales in the VIP section, and they can happen anytime. 

Can I get kicked out? 

If you are abusing the system, or being careless with our dresses/time/other's time, we reserve the right to cancel on you at any time without refund, and you will not be allowed to rent from us again. Please respect the program and our dresses, we appreciate it so much!

Can I use a past credit or discount to buy my membership? 

Sorry we cannot discount this any further. If you use any kind of discount or past credit, your membership will be cancelled, you can sign back up without the code in this case.