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Here are the most commonly asked questions about our rental program to help you if you are running into any trouble.


How do the dates work?

The package will arrive on Day one with your regular mail, and  needs to be shipped back on Day 5 of your rental. 

Why won't it let me select a Sunday?

A Sunday can be in your rental range but your rental cannot start or end on a Sunday since there is no mail on Sundays. 

Why does it say 14 day rental when I try to select 5 days? 

You are likely selecting 6 days, 5 nights, instead of 5 days, four nights. The price will automatically go to the 14 day rental if you select more than the 4 nights, 5 days range.

What size are the dresses? 

Most of the dresses fit sizes 0-16, with a waist size of 42". We have a couple of plus size ones that fit up to size 22. Please search "plus" in the search box to find those.  Because they tie at the waist, they are a perfect fit on many waist sizes. 

What is the length?

In general they are set to about 5'8 height, with the exception of the Sparkle dress which is longer, and the petite dress which is shorter. If it is long on you it's easy to flow it to the side since there are leg openings to show a shoe 

How do I return the dress? 

There is a bag inside the package with a return label on it. Please do make sure to keep it safe until the end of your rental. Then you simply need to make sure it is scanned on that date so that we know when you returned it. It needs to be scanned by the post carrier at the office or at your home if you put it in your mail box. Dropping it off without scanning may cause late fees as we cannot tell when it was actually returned until it is scanned.

How do I care for my rental? 

You can find instructions here: If you still have questions please end us an email

Am I responsible for cleaning the dress? 

Yes, a cleaning fee of $40+ will be charged if the dress and SLIP  is not washed before return.  

Can I get the rental dress wet?

Yes , as long as there is no chlorine, and you should clean it right after to prevent any moldy smells ruining the fabric.

What if I damage the dress while I have it? 

Please email us right away if this happens. Most things can easily be fixed and we may not even charge for it, however some things may require a repair or replacement cost, which will be assessed when we receive the dress. The sooner we know the more likely we can fix it before the next person needs it.

What if the dress arrives early?

Your rental dates are not changed, they stay the same and you can enjoy the dress a few extra days.

What if the dress arrives late? 

Sometime USPS can be late and we will do every attempt to give you the full rental period you requested or refund you the rental fee (we cannot refund the shipping fee)  if the adjusted dates no longer work for you. Please do make sure you have allowed 2 days before your rental period starts as buffer dates so that if USPS is late it does not ruin your plans! We hate when that happens.

What if I don't like the fit of the dress? 

Our dresses are very flattering to all sizes and shapes. Please refer to our cancellation policy here.  We do not refund due to "not liking the dress", please be sure you like it before ordering it. If there is a quality issue, then please contact us:

What is your cancellation policy? 

If cancelled 10+ days from the start of your rental, you will receive full store credit for a rental to be used within a year. Cancellations 9 or less days from the start date will not receive any refund.

Can I share the dress with others during my rental period? 

Absolutely! The more the merrier 

Can I change my rental dates or rental dress?

Yes if available we can accommodate up to 1 change to you rental. Please email us in this case:

What if the dress I want is not available for my dates?

We do sell dresses, so that's a great way to get it for your date. We also add new dresses all the time so you can always check back and see what is new available for your date. 

How far out do you rent dresses? 

Four months in advance. It updates as time goes by, so if you need something for later than that, mark your calendar and check back to complete that rental.


How Can I find out more about the VIP Program?
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