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Size 0-22 (up to a 50" waist)

Maternity and not. The chiffon back drapes less with larger sizes, to cover the back more. Has a tulle underskirt.

Has built in liner- no slip needed. 

Rental Details: 

 Please ensure you've checked the calendar and watched for any delays due to Sundays and holidays. I recommend giving 2 business days cushion between arrival date and the date of your shoot when possible in case of shipping delays. If it is late because of USPS, you may miss your session date and no refund will be given.

-Double check that you enter the right shipping address


-------------Important please read---------------

-When I share my images I will tag Instagram.com/flutterdress

- I accept that these are used dresses and may not be in perfect condition.

- You may have to ship to the next person instead of back to me- Please CHECK with me before shipping

-Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail- you can the flat rate box or other priority box from your post office. Send me a photo of the tracking number as soon as it's available.

- If you are late with shipping I will be billing you for the extra time and you may no longer be eligible for future rentals. It's unfair to everyone else and really can mess up the schedule. Being done early is totally fine. 

-If the dress gets dirty- hand wash right away is best. Filling a tub with slightly warm water and some detergent (for really bad stains, spot soak in oxy clean) and letting it soak a bit before hand washing usually makes it super easy. - For other options, please refer to flutterdressshop.com/care. It must be FULLY dry before shipping or you will be charged for the dress (it grows moss and stinks and ruins the fabric)

- If the dress is damaged I will have to charge accordingly or bill you for the full cost to replace it. If it arrives with any noticeable stains or tears please send me photos the first day you get it so that I am aware of when it was damaged. Sending an unreported major damaged dress to the next person or to me will result in no more rentals and a bill for the damage.

- Rentals cannot be worn for events such as weddings, they are just for photoshoots or a quick elopement. The wear is much greater and they don't bustle so they're not suitable as rentals for events. They are pretty affordable so check my website if you'd like to buy one! flutterdressshop.com/buy